The Aviation related training can be classified into two prominent branches. The Flying Branch and the Engineering Branch.Flying is the better Known of these two branches.We are well aware of pilots who fly the aircraft but least Known are the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers(AMEs), behind the flying machine, dedicated to Keep the aircraft in a safe and airworthy condition . For every aircraft you see in flight,there are AMEs back in the hanger who have worked to ensure that the aircraft is safe to fly.

Degree or Diploma given by the University is not comparable with Pilot Licence or AME Licence. These Licence are accorded by Director General of Civil Aviation(DGCA) Ministry of Civil AViation, Govt of India to exercise the privileges assigned to the inviduals relating to the maintenance of flying of the civil aircraft under the specified condition.

The major accidents involving Public Transport Aircraft always reminded of the significant importance an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer plays before certifying an aircraft, safe and airworthy in every respect. Vast amount of Knowledge, aptidude and sincere sense of dedication and safety awareness is required for safe operation of an aircraft. It is always considered that the AMEs having gone through the rigid satandards of training, conducted by the organisations approved by the Airworthiness Authority, could only be the right choice for certifying an aircraft, provided the training organization strictly fulfilled the statutory requirements and international standards of I.C.A.O (International Civil Aviation organization).It should have genuine planning for setting up adequate infrastructure, providing the best of training aids and modern training equipments, including complete engines, aircraft,systems and components, with a sound team of training faculty. On top of everything, all the members stood as an integrated team to perform their best.

Our faculties can be compared with the best in the country. They have come from various walks of life with vast knowledge and experience in their field like retired Air India and Indian Air force personnel, Senior AME's and B-tech Engineers. The faculty has enriched industry experience, which provides a unique benchmark for imparting realistic technical education in line with the requirements of the Aviation Industry.

Advanced Training Aids like audio systems, close circuits TV monitoring system, VCDs, LCD overhead projectors etc. would make an environment where a student can achieve a strong technological background. Group study is another important part of our curriculum enabling us to develop synergies and facilitate heuristic learning among students.


It will arrange a special blend of theoretical knowledge transfer & practical oriented approach to enable a future AME to have a solid fundamental base while acquiring effective technical skills to comprehend optimal implementation of same.

There is a good studying environment in the college. Special preparation classes are conducted for students appearing in DGCA licence examinations.They are given classes on moral conduct and personality development. We also guide them on how to prepare themselves for interviews. Our main aim is to mould a student in all aspects including studies and other major skills, so that they can be confident enough to face the professional environment after completion of the course. We were rewarded for this as our previous batch is well employed in various reputed organizations.

We also have renowned aviation professionals from the industry, taking special interactive classes of the students on a regular basis to acquaint with contemporary practices, which are the best in the domain.

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