College of Aeronautical Engineering is just the right place for an ever-growing career in aviation, which has the proven professional capabilities to transform the dreams and ambitions into reality to become an Aircraft Engineer. We sincerely adhere to our philosophy of consent, upgradation of the facilities, institutional infrastructure. At the same time, we strictly conform to DGCA guidelines, norms and standards. A very high standard of aviation training system has been developed at CAE which will go a long way in training young individuals to meet future requirement of Aviation. This is for the first time in North East as per new CAR, an Aircraft Engineering Institute has been established to give a chance to the students of this region to take up this most challenging career, in their own motherland only. We are confident that this plus point provided to our students will help to meet their academic aspiration and career goals and become established leader in this field.

The College of Aeronautical Engineering is the first of its kind in the entire North-East. It is the perfect location for budding aspirants to take a step forward for a successful career in aviation. The College of Aeronautical Engineering has put in great effort to give the students of North-East a platform to make a mark in the aviation sector. The College has taken the responsibility of making the rich human resource of North-East technically qualified to contribute and support the growth of the aviation sector.

The College of Aeronautical Engineering has been taking initiative in many development work in the Aviation sector such as organising Aero Event to give Aviation awareness to the people of North East,requesting Hon'ble Civil Aviation Minister and Hon'ble Minister for DONER to form a North East Aviation Council under which all the states of North East can work together for the development of aviation sector in North East which will indeed extend help towards tourism industry,medical,law and order etc.

We requested the Civil Aviation Ministry to lessen the Air ticket price for easy air travel to North Est thus improving tourism. We have held various meetings for revival of unused airstrips in North East, tried to improve air communication in North East to support tourism and industrial development.

We recently conducted a Human factor training programme for the aircraft maintenance organizations of North East including DGCA to reduce the possibility of Human Error in Aviation. An Aviation awareness Programme for the Media Professionals was Also conducted in the Guwahati Press Club on dated 21st April 2015.

We have re-established the Assam Flying Club which was de-Functional since 1990 and closed by Governemnet in the year 2010.

The College has also engaged itself in opening up of a new chapter of Aero Society in the North-East in association with Indian Air Force, IIT Guwahati and various airlines. The College has also revived Assam Flying Club.





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